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The ITRON LCD meter is the standard utility-grade meter seen on most homes. The 028-03042, five-terminal meter (Form 12S) is used for tracking the power fed back to the grid from an OutBack 120 VAC grid-tie system. Often used for Green Tag sales. Features & Benefits The CENTRON meter was engineered specifically for the widely varied needs of the residential market. The CENTRON C1S, the basic platform for all CENTRON meters, is a solid-state electricity meter that measures single-phase energy consumption. The CENTRON meter is a breakthrough metering platform designed to grow and change with the utility industry. With its low starting watts and low watts lost, the CENTRON meter is more accurate than electromechanical meters.

buy electric meter

Net metering allows customers to offset their energy use and transfer energy back to their electric companies in exchange for a credit. If you have a solar or another renewable energy facility, and your electric company allows it, you may be able to net meter. Want to learn more about how net metering works?

Massachusetts does not differentiate between behind-the-meter net metering (electricity generation consumed on the same site it is generated) versus virtual net metering (electricity generation consumed at a site other than where the electricity is generated). For most purposes, including credit calculation, there is no difference between net metering and virtual net metering.

Your net metering facility may use any type of generating technology, regardless of whether it is a renewable technology, if it is smaller than or equal to 60 kilowatts (kW). G.L. c. 164, 138; 220 CMR 18.00. If your net metering facility uses wind, solar, or anaerobic digestion technology, then it must be:

Under the GP, once an electric company fills its net metering cap, new customers that require space under that cap cannot participate in net metering. Note that cap exempt facilities (cap exempt facilities are those with a nameplate rating less than ten kilowatts on a single-phase circuit or 25 kilowatts on a three-phase circuit) will be able to net meter even if the relevant cap is full. 220 CMR 18.02, 18.07(5).

Under the SHP, new customers must obtain a cap allocation to participate even if they are less than ten kilowatts on a single-phase circuit or 25 kilowatts on a three-phase circuit. Under the SHP, once an electric company fills its net metering cap, new customers that seek to participate in net metering must apply for a cap allocation from the relevant GP cap unless they are a cap exempt facility.

Net metering credits can offset the delivery and supply portions of your electric bill, as well as customer charges. You may use net metering credits to decrease your electricity bill to zero dollars and zero kilowatt hour (kWh) usage. G.L. c. 164, 138, 139. 220 CMR 18.04.

In April 2016, the Solar Energy Act created different net metering credits values for solar net metering facilities. Before the Solar Energy Act, solar net metering facilities generated standard net metering credits under the old regime. After the Solar Energy Act, certain solar net metering facilities generate market net metering credits under the new regime.

The host customer of a net metering facility determines what happens to the net metering credits a facility generates by submitting a form called Schedule Z to the electric company. A host customer may change Schedule Z no more than twice in one calendar year, unless there is mutual agreement to change it more often. Contact your electric company for more information about Schedule Z. G.L. c. 164, 139(b)(1).

As a host customer, you may use net metering credits to offset your bill from your electric company. You may also assign net metering credits to other accounts (even if they are not your accounts) as long as all the accounts are:

The design, installation, and interconnection of a net metering facility can be complex. We recommend that you consult a professional. We do not regulate installers and developers and cannot endorse any companies.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your net metering facility complies with the net metering rules and regulations. We highlight some of the important rules below. However, you should read the Important Resources provided below to make sure you understand all of the rules and regulations associated with net metering.

The electric companies may grant exceptions to the Single Parcel Rule on the basis of optimal interconnection. The exceptions may include multiple interconnection points and multiple meters for a single facility. D.P.U. 11-11-E. For more information on submitting a petition to the DPU, visit Petitioning the DPU.

The DPU relies on the registry of deeds to determine parcel boundaries. The DPU does not rely on GIS documentation to determine parcel boundaries. If you have questions about whether and how your parcel boundary changes affect your net metering facility, contact your electric company first before contacting DPU staff.

MassACA started accepted applications for a cap allocation (ACA) on January 24, 2013. For more information about MassACA or to review the aggregate capacity of net metering facilities in Massachusetts visit the MassACA website. For tips on applying for a cap allocation, visit our "how to" page.

Many net metering questions can or must be answered by your electric company (e.g., installing net meters, the interconnection process, qualifying for an optimal interconnection exception, etc.). Visit our who to contact page for more information on which entity to contact with your question and for contact information.

If you have an interconnection dispute, you must try to resolve it directly with your electric company. If the dispute cannot be resolved, fill out the dispute resolution process form and someone from DPU will contact you.

Your experience matters to us. This spring we are enhancing our systems to provide you with new features to give you more control and save you time. As we work to make these updates, we are currently unable to process meter exchanges. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Net Metering allows customers to interconnect approved renewable generation systems (such as solar, wind, and geothermal) to the electric grid and provide electricity to their own residence or business facility.

We will review the specifications of the proposed generating system and determine if the system is compatible with the electric distribution grid and the existing electric distribution facilities serving the interconnection point.

When the review of specifications and proof of liability insurance is completed, we will return a signed copy of the Notification form along with any additional system protection requirements and/or required upgrades to the existing electric distribution facilities serving the interconnection point to enable completion of the interconnection.

Note: A Net Metering Applicant is solely responsible for compliance with all applicable local zoning requirements, building codes, electrical codes, or any other codes or restrictions governing installation and operation of a generation system. Dominion Energy does not review or approve the system equipment selection, installation method, or installation location. Dominion Energy only reviews the proposed interconnection for compatibility with the electric distribution system, based on UL1741/IEEE1547 standards.

Complete Section 5 of the Notification form and resubmit to Dominion Energy . In cases where the applicant or a licensed Virginia Class A or B General Contractor has installed the generation system, a copy of the final electrical inspection signed by the inspection authority may be provided as an alternative to the completion of this section of the Notification form. See the Net Metering FAQs for additional information.

No. Due to safety reasons, if the electric service to your home is out, your renewable energy facility will be forced offline. This precaution is to prevent your generation system from feeding excess electricity onto the grid, which would put utility line workers at risk as they repair electrical lines. The only way to supply power to your home with a distributed generation during power outages is to invest in an energy storage system and a transfer switch.

In general, any residential, or commercial customer who is served on a non time-of-use rate schedule, or a demand charge-based time-of-use rate schedule whichallows a parallel generator interconnection, may participate in Net Metering. Forother rates not shown below, send questions to the net metering team.

Once you have set up Distributed Generation with Ameren Illinois, you may be eligible to net any electricity you generate using qualifying renewable resources against the electricity supplied to you by Ameren Illinois or a retail electric supplier. With Net Metering, you can apply revenues from your power generation against your Basic Generation Service costs (Supply Section of the bill) with Ameren Illinois.

Customers receiving service under Ameren Illinois' Rider NM-Net Metering tariff and use an approved Smart Inverter may qualify for a "Smart Inverter Rebate." An inverter is a device that changes the output from a generator (like solar panels) from direct current (DC) into the alternating current (AC) used by Ameren Illinois' electric distribution system. A "smart" inverter is a device that performs the DC/AC conversion and capable of communicating, and being operated, remotely by a third party like Ameren Illinois.

In Illinois, Net Metering customers who use Smart Inverters to interconnect their generator to the utility's electric distribution system may qualify for a payment or rebate from their utility. The amount of the rebate depends on the nameplate capacity of the generator to which the inverter is connected. Click here to learn about the technical capabilities and settings that an inverter must have in order to be considered a "Smart Inverter" in Illinois. If your inverter meets these specifications, and you are a Rider NM-Net Metering customer, click here to fill out your application for a Smart Inverter rebate. 041b061a72


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