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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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X Particles Cinema 4d R17 Serial Code TOP

x-particles is an essential tool in my creative workflow - whether it be for creating daily images or commercial client projects. it allows me to quickly and intuitively throw together visual concepts or drill down into more complex, technical setups. the integrated interactive and video manual are outstanding, and if you cant get the answers there, the support team are personal and very quick to help out. - joey camacho, raw & rendered

X Particles Cinema 4d R17 Serial Code

new tutorials in cinema 4d are not always available for download. in my attempts to find a tutorial for the x-particles magix totalfx version, i found that it was not even available for download. however, magix have released a tutorial which they claim is the same as the x-particles version and at a price of $200, it is a bit expensive.

i noticed that magix has also released a couple of new plug-ins for cinema 4d, including pec and magix virtual media. i did try to find tutorials for these plug-ins, but they also seem to be out of date. it seems as if magix is trying to make some kind of point by releasing the older versions of the plug-ins on their magix server, but i think it is just an oversight.

i finally found a very long tutorial for the x-particles magix totalfx version, which is even longer than the new tutorials available for cinema 4d. however, it is very good and explains the use of the plug-ins in great detail.

the magix totalfx version of x-particles has been a popular plug-in for cinema 4d since it was released. however, i have noticed that the totalfx plug-in has not been updated for a while. in fact, it is at version 7.0.1, which is a year and a half old. it was released in january 2011.


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