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Fuck You And Eat Shit

Have a question Sweetie? We're happy to help so get in touch! We'll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours though do note we do not work on weekends, because weekends are for doing whatever the fuck girls do best... ;)

Fuck You and Eat Shit

Oliver staged a five-minute musical number[25] initially set in his studio, titled "Eat Shit, Bob!" after the miner's returned check. There, he began singing slowly that "even though he'll threaten legal Armageddon, we have just one tiny thing to say ..." and then extended his middle finger[22] and exclaimed "Bob Murray can go fuck himself today!"[26] He then introduced the "Suck My Balls, Bob" dancers,[27] who moved the setting to Times Square as they recounted fictional anecdotes of Murray committing outlandish and horrifying acts. They joked that he perpetrated the 1994 Cobo Arena attack on Nancy Kerrigan, spat on the face of the Mona Lisa, cut off the ear of Vincent van Gogh, shot puppies into outer space, advised Adolf Hitler to quit painting and "find a new career", served as Bill Cosby's drug supplier and Jeffrey Epstein's prison guard, murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and started World War I, has sexual intercourse with squirrels, and was the unidentified Zodiac Killer.[12][22][26]

Oliver centered parts of the song on his First Amendment rationale, saying that "we made up these anecdotes, they're silly and insane" and "If we discuss Bob Murray in a way no reasonable person could construe as factual, we can say whatever the fuck we like!" Mr. Nutterbutter made a reappearance as part of a barbershop quartet in squirrel costumes, and Brian d'Arcy James appeared in the role of HBO's legal counsel.[12][28]

Bioinformatics is an attempt to make molecular biology relevant to reality. All the molecular biologists, devoid of skills beyond those of a laboratory technician, cried out for the mathematicians and programmers to magically extract science from their mountain of shitty results.

If I am asked to work with shitty data, I stand up and tell people that their data will not provide useful results. Most of them are quite happy if you try to help them improve their data. If they aren't, well, they should have asked somebody else if they don't want to hear the (friendly told) truth.

No, you watch out. Once someone says this, "watch out" to me as their way of saying "excuse me," I lose my respect for that person as a comrade in life. You might as well say, "Move!" Whats wrong with "excuse me?" "Coming through" at least has more politeness than "move or watch out." So your parents or teachers never taught you manners. You can blame them all you want and say they never taught you which may or may not be true. But you only have yourself to blame in your many decades on earth for never learning polite manners and cordial etiquette. So I might tell you next time, "no you watch out." Or I might say, "no, you pay attention to where you're going." But I'll probably just say "eat shit or fuck you." I don't know what's worse a clueless rude person, or a purposeful rude person? 041b061a72


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