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Fairlife Milk Where To Buy

fairlife LLC, which launched in 2012, started with a high-protein milk shake called Core Power and has grown to offer a broad portfolio of products in the fast-growing value-added dairy category in North America.

fairlife milk where to buy

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Value-added dairy products have been growing steadily in the United States, in contrast to the traditional fluid milk category, with great-tasting, nutrient-dense fairlife milk products playing a significant role in that growth.

fairlife ultra-filtered milk debuted in 2014, and sales have grown sharply since then, with strong double-digit growth each year since launch. According to Nielsen AMC, fairlife surpassed $500 million in retail sales last year.

The Court in charge of this case is the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The lawsuit is known as In re fairlife Milk Products Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation, MDL No. 2909, Lead Case No. 1:19-cv-03924-RMD-MDW.

The lawsuit alleges that Defendants falsely labeled and marketed certain dairy products using milk produced from cows that were allegedly not treated humanely. The Named Plaintiffs allege that they would not have paid as much for the Milk Products had they known that the cows were not treated humanely.

If you are unsure whether you are included, you can call or email the Claims Administrator at 1-855-604-1865 (Toll-Free) or Epiq Class Action and Claims Solutions, Inc. is the Claims Administrator for the Settlement.

Cash Award: If you submit a valid Claim Form, you may receive 25% of the average retail purchase price for your purchase of fairlife Milk Products and/or FOF Milk Products (click here for a list of Covered Products) for a maximum Cash Award of $100 per household, subject to certain capped limits and adjustments (upward or downward) depending on the number of claims filed, so long as the products were purchased for personal use and not for resale and were purchased on or before April 27, 2022.

This website and the Notice summarize the proposed Settlement. For the precise terms and conditions of the Settlement, please see the Settlement Agreement, which can be found along with other court documents on the Documents page. If you have questions about the Settlement, you can contact the Claims Administrator by calling 1-855-604-1865 (Toll-Free), emailing or to In re fairlife Milk Products Litigation, P.O. Box 5569, Portland, OR 97228-5569. You may also Class Counsel via contact information listed in FAQ 12.

In 2019, undercover footage taken by an animal rights activist exposed Fair Oaks Farms, which supplies milk to dairy companies including Fairlife, revealed appalling evidence of animal abuse. In response, multiple stores stopped carrying Fairlife products, and numerous consumers boycotted the brand.

From February through April of 2019, an Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) activist got an undercover job milking cows at Fair Oaks Farms, which supplies milk to dairy companies including Fairlife (which is owned by the Coca-Cola Company, and provides milk to Chick-fil-A).

He also observed that immediately after giving birth, mother cows were separated from their newborn calves, who were placed into confined sheds, while the mothers were sent right back to the milking rotary, sometimes with their placentas still hanging out of their bodies.

Fortunately, there are endless options when it comes to non-dairy milk, chocolate milk, yogurt, protein shakes, and more. Check out our guides to the most eco-friendly non-dairy milks, the best non-dairy milks for baking, pea milk, pistachio milk, and oat milk. You can also make plans to watch the upcoming documentary Milked, which is all about the dairy industry, its impacts on the environment, and what needs to be done to turn things around.

Whole milk is known for its rich and creamy flavor. According to a survey conducted by Mashed, 60% of respondents prefer it. Baristas favor whole milk for making espresso drinks because it steams the easiest when making frothy beverages like cappuccinos, explains HuffPost.

Stonyfield Organic is a dairy brand that we recommend. The company was founded in New Hampshire during the 1980s and has maintained its commitment to organic farming since this time. Today, it sells milk, yogurt, smoothies, frozen yogurt, and more. All of its products are certified USDA organic. This means that Stonyfield's whole milk is made without genetically modified ingredients, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

According to customer reviews, Stonyfield Organic's whole milk tastes satisfactory. On the dairy's website, people were pleased with the brand's whole milk. "Stonyfield Organic Milk is the best-tasting milk I have tasted. Some milks do not get that cold refreshing taste. Stonyfield gets ice-cold and has that icy-cold taste that goes down smooth," one reviewer wrote. "High-quality milk. Works great in recipes, stays good for a very long time in the refrigerator," another person said on Influenster.

When you're looking for whole milk, you're bound to come across the generic stuff in your local grocery store. Although these off-brand items may be cheaper than the name-brand stuff, we don't recommend buying them. That's because these brands tend not to be organic or don't have certain animal welfare considerations within their business practices. If you look at the generic milk sold at grocery stores like Costco, Meijer, Walmart, and other chains, you'll find that this is true. To us, the lack of certifications maintained by these off-brand dairies is just one signal of the lower quality they have.

For the store-brand whole milk sold at Walmart, users criticized its flavor. "It tastes horrible," wrote one dissatisfied customer. "Being a lifelong milk drinker I have on rare occasions purchased a gallon of milk that had turned bad before the expiry date. This Great Value milk, however, has been consistently terrible," said another Walmart shopper who purchased the store's whole milk. Of course, not everyone thinks Walmart's milk is the worst. But we believe you can get a much better-tasting product than the ones made by major retailers.

Organic Valley is a dairy brand headquartered in Wisconsin. It has existed since the 1980s, when it first set high organic standards for itself. Those standards are still in place today, which is a good thing for shoppers looking for organic whole milk. Since its products are USDA organic, they are also non-GMO certified. Per Organic Valley, the dairy's commitment to organic farming practices also means it also puts additional effort toward animal care and sustainability. Its cows spend time grazing in pastures, and the company makes efforts to use renewable energy such as solar power.

Whole milk consumers admire Organic Valley's products for their excellent taste and texture. On Amazon, fans of milk from grass-fed cows have raved about Grassmilk, praising this product's unique taste. "This is the best milk I have tasted in years. Tastes like the jersey milk we [used] to get when I was a kid!! It's just the opposite of the watery stuff we get nowadays," one person wrote.

Not every "organic" brand is totally trustworthy or worth buying. This is the case with the dairy company Horizon Organic. This brand appears very similar in name and labeling to a brand that we like, Organic Valley. But as Colorado Boulevard points out, the two companies are not very similar. Many of Horizon Organic's substandard farming practices stem from the fact that it operates large-scale dairies. One of the ways this manifests itself is in cows receiving far less time in pastures. This can have a negative impact several things, including the health of Horizon Organic's cows and milks.

This is just some of the sneakiness that brands like Horizon Organic are trying to pull off. The taste isn't always high quality, either. "Bought for a year, last bottle tasted odd and smokey," said one person of the brand's whole milk.

Land O'Lakes is another company that we wouldn't recommend buying whole milk from. For one, this is a brand that lacks all of the desired health certifications. Land O'Lakes products are not organic or non-GMO certified. Its cows are not grass fed or pasture raised. Land O'Lakes factory farms are environments very different from the ones maintained by smaller companies with stronger commitments to animal welfare.

Clover Sonoma sells chocolate milk, cottage cheese, eggs, kefir, buttermilk, eggnog, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, and more delicious dairy items. This is another brand that is mindful of customers, farmers, animals, the environment, and the communities it impacts (like its employees). The company shows this by being a certified B corporation, not using genetically modified products, and being American Humane certified.

Fairlife is another milk brand that we recommend you avoid buying. This brand is not committed to making completely organic items or products free from genetically modified ingredients. Its cows are fed with grains that are genetically modified, according to Fairlife. The brand does not have any concrete animal welfare certifications. It does not allow its cows to pasture-graze, nor are its animals grass fed. All of these things contribute to a product we don't like.

Straus Family Creamery makes excellent whole milk. In fact, one of its farms also supplies milk for Cowgirl Creamery, one of the most award-winning cheese brands in the United States. Straus is committed to organic products, sustainable manufacturing, and carbon-neutral farming. It has methods for supporting these commitments built into its business model. If you're interested in more than whole milk, Straus conveniently makes yogurt, ice cream, butter, sour cream, and other delicious dairy products.

Fans of Straus are quick to recommend its milk to others online. "I buy their products regularly and they're also ridiculously good," wrote a customer on Reddit. "The best milk I have come across in my area is Straus," said another Reddit user. 041b061a72


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