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Puppies play in a cage at a pet store in Columbia, Md., in 2019. New York has become the latest state to ban the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pet stores in an attempt to target commercial breeding operations. Maryland banned such sales in 2020. Jose Luis Magana/AP hide caption

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The state of New York passed a law Thursday prohibiting the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores. The move is an attempt to halt the puppy-mill-to-pet-store pipeline and stop abusive breeders.

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Old Uncle Mayor de Blasio has made animal rights a part of his platform since his campaign promises (now made good) to introduce legislation to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City. A group of City Council members, perhaps relying on this position to help push through their proposal, has voted in favor of a law that would ban pet stores in the five boroughs from selling pet rabbits. Why? Well rabbits, though adorable and cartoonish, are pretty good at producing more rabbits, which is contributing to the overcrowding of city shelters. The number of unwanted rabbits hosted by Animal Care and Control actually doubled in the past year.

Under the new law, pet stores can still work with shelters or adoption groups to help place abandoned rabbits. Petco has already been holding meet-and-greets with Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, a local nonprofit that rescues abandoned bunnies.

Ultimately, though, Rabbit transcends its own limitations. It is a signifier that launches the viewer on an endless journey of association, tumbling down the rabbit hole of meaning. It neither confirms nor denies any of the conclusions that may be drawn. It is its ability to leave these ideas hanging that lends it the power that has seen it attain the status it enjoys today.

When we think of pets, what generally comes to mind are cats and dogs. Surprisingly enough, many people are now choosing to have rabbits as their family pets, with many rabbits even being kept indoors. Rabbit owners state that they love their pet rabbit every bit as much as others love their cats and dogs. Part of this love involves providing the rabbit with the best possible medical care. For this reason, many rabbit owners are looking into some of the best pet insurance provided.

Like most pet insurance policies, rabbit insurance also has exclusions or things for which they will not pay. These include pre-existing conditions, grooming, behavioral training, boarding, supplements, and treatment for experimental services. A list of all the exclusions can be found on the actual policy.

Currently, Nationwide Insurance is the only insurance company to offer pet insurance to rabbits. Rabbit insurance premiums vary by the rabbit breed or location, but some policies may start as low as $35 per month. They have one basic plan, which is described as Bird and Exotic Pet Insurance. They may offer different limits and deductible options.

Here is an example on how a plan with an unlimited amount, $250 deductible and 90% reimbursement might work for rabbit owners. The rabbit sees a vet and is billed for covered services that total up to $600. The owner must pay the $250, which leaves a balance of $350. Of this amount, the insurance company pays $315 (90% X $350), and the owner pays $35 (remaining 10%) PLUS the $250 for a total of $285.

To get the exact amount of coverage and fees, rabbit owners must contact Nationwide directly. The rabbit owner is responsible for paying for the services at the time of the service and then filing a claim with the insurance company. If you have their mobile app, you can submit the claim through your smartphone. 041b061a72


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