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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Support for UDP/IP. The ICLX, ICLXL and ICLLX have a built in UDP/IP module to allow easy connection to a network. Just plug in the Ethernet to your subwoofer and setup IP address, network interface, subwoofer hostname and port.


So, could you perhaps explain how the booting gets out of here: I am booting with the latest firmware for the Lf-h50x-ethernet converter and when I press button on the converter, I always see the kernel log. (I never see any errors). Could you explain that issue - when you connect the converter to the server and the bios shows you that there is no ethernet, what is expected to happen then? (what does normal booting do when you connect a converter with no ethernet?)

I've created this page to provide an easy forum for Linux users with chip and board-specific questions. If you are having problems with Linux drivers, you can submit an issue on our Web site, or contact us by email.

Strong and dependable built-in 300mA and 600mA speaker driver, ICLDMAX, when connected to a HP amp, can output more than 1W into an 8Ω load. The ICLDMAX subwoofer is the only subwoofer in the world that can achieve rated continuous output up to 900mV (6.5V peak).

Designer version of module to create your own high performance subwoofer using one or more of the other ICLive X Series modules. Now ICLive X Series components can be integrated into existing enclosure designs using the same setup as any other ICLX driver module.


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