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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Motorola Mcs2000 R02.02.00 Cps D ##BEST##

Most likely cause that I see is that you have com port 1 selected. Using USB cables usually puts you around com port 3 or 4, not 1. I suspect you have the wrong com port selected. To figure out which com port you need, go to device manager and look under USB Controllers. This should give you the proper com port you need.It could be improper firmware versions. Motorola isnt like other radio softwares. If you use a newer CPS to program a radio, you must always use that CPS or newer, you cant roll back to a previous version. For instance, If the radio was programed once using a version 03.01.00 your CPS wont read the radio. (Stupid, but its because the CPS also updates the radios firmware which may not work properly with older CPS versions which sort of makes sense)Another cause could be fake/improper programing cables. I have two cables for the 1225. One works for mobiles, the other for the repeater. They both look the same, but you cant use one for both operations for some reason, even though the cables from motorola are the same. Thats what I deserve for buying a RIB from E-bay, but I dont program motorola radios that often so what I have works for me. Double check the cable and that could be your issue.

Motorola Mcs2000 R02.02.00 Cps D


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