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Buy Cotton Bathrobe

As experts in providing high-quality bathrobes for the hospitality industry, Boca Terry has created a line for hotels and spas that provide a great deal of choice and versatility. From our classical styles to our customized specialties, all of our robes are made with the highest quality materials available, with an eye to comfort, beauty, and perfection.

buy cotton bathrobe

As the two mainstay materials for bathrobes, cotton and terry are fabrics that deserve serious attention. Knowing the difference between the two will help you make an educated determination on how to accurately buy for your clientele.

Cotton bathrobes are made from the natural fiber of the cotton plant. Known for great versatility, the quality of the robe is based on the length of the fiber used. The longer the fiber the stronger, more absorbent, and more durable the piece will be.

A cotton bathrobe tends not to be fluffy, but instead rather flat, and can be made into a waffle design to further increase its ability to wick away moisture. Because it is not a looped material, it is perfect for warm weather where a looped or terry robe might be too heavy. It is excellent for use in spas where a light yet absorbent robe is ideal for holding in moisturizing treatments, giving the wearer a sense of comfort and ease.

Pure cotton robes are hypoallergenic, which makes them ideal for those prone to allergies, skin irritation, or asthma. Soft and environmentally friendly, they are durable and provide a lovely feel. Because they can shrink, they are often combined with polyester, which keeps them in perfect form while also preventing them from wrinkling.

Terrycloth is made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend, for the same reason as the above. Here the fibers are woven into loops on a loom, which renders the fabric soft and plush. The lengths of the loops determine how much moisture can be absorbed, which is indeed much more than with a flat cotton, non-looped fabric.

At Boca Terry, we recommend both types of robes for their versatility in varying situations. Whether you are buying for seasonal changes or for the convenience of having appropriate robes for the bath, pool, and spa area, choosing a flat cotton as well as our terry styles provides your guests with wraps that are right for every occasion.

How to choose a bathrobe largely depends on how you plan to use it. For after showers or baths, you'll want a robe made from absorbent materials. If you're looking for a robe to lounge in or to keep you warm, you'll want to consider robes made from soft and cozy materials.

This depends on your personal preference and how you use your robe. If you wear your robe primarily as an after-shower garb, you can't go wrong with terry cloth. For comfort, materials like thick fleece or ultra-soft Turkish or Egyptian cotton are must-haves. Still, some people prefer a waffle weave for its versatility and similar feel to robes found at hotels and spas.

Made from organic cotton, this is a sustainable luxury staple. The absorbent fabric is a bonus and makes it a go-to robe when beginning your day. Nothing beats hopping out of your morning shower and being met with the warmth of pure cotton.

This high-quality waffle knit robe features a terry lining, hits at the ankle, and is absolutely on par with anything you'd find inside a luxury hotel. It comes in a bright white hue and can be thrown in the washing machine (since it is 100 percent cotton, some shrinkage may occur if you put it in the dryer).

Ideal for post-shower naps or curling up with your favorite book, this robe is made of high-quality Turkish cotton and falls just past your knees. In addition to white, the robe comes in gray, mineral blue, blush pink, and fawn brown.

We're also loving this plush bathrobe from Westin that features a jacquard stripe and the brand's signature logo on the cuff. When you're holing up for a movie night or otherwise cozy evening in, consider this your go-to.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, in a former 19th century brewhouse, Hotel Emma is a riverfront oasis, and its robes evoke the same southern charm that the property does. The 100 percent cotton blue-and-white seersucker robes make you feel dressed up, even though you probably have pajamas on underneath, and feature summery pleats and a front bow tie to please the preppiest of loungers.

Luxury is a plush bathrobe at home, and ours provides all the amenities of the finest hotel version. Our fast-drying air-spun cotton terry bathrobe is lightweight, soft, and always ready for the next time you suds up.

Not all robes can be washed the same; it often depends on the material of the robe. For example, silk robes more often have to be dry cleaned while cotton robes are often machine washable. Always consult the care tag before washing. Note that each company on this list provides detailed care instructions for their robes on their website, so if these instructions are followed properly, you can extend the life of your robe and keep it looking good as new.

The material of your robe often indicates how soft it is. However, different materials may be best for you depending on the feel you are looking for. For example, a terry cloth robe made of cotton will be very absorbent but also warm and fluffy just like fleece, another super soft and fluffy fabric. On the other hand, silk and satin offer a different kind of silky softness that are more lightweight and breathable. Our testers found the cotton robes on this list to be the softest including the Frontgate Resort Plush Robe and the Snowe Classic Bathrobe.

A luxurious bathrobe is an investment that you can use and enjoy every day. That means you need to choose one that suits you and your needs. There are bathrobes made from different materials and with different detailing and patterns to choose from depending on when you are going to use it, and whether you are feeling warm or cold.

Cotton is a natural material made from plant fibres from a cotton plant. It is one of the most common and popular textiles because it is soft and durable. Cotton can be weaved in different ways to create fabrics with different structures and a different feelings. Cotton bathrobes are often made of terry or velour:

Linen is a traditional, natural material made from flax. Flax is strong, with a beautiful structure. Linen fabric is highly absorbent and barely shrinks in the wash. A linen bathrobe feels light and cool against the skin; it is compact for when you are travelling and becomes more comfortable the more you use it.

Silk is a natural material made from threads spun by silkworms for their cocoons. Fabrics made from this material are also called silk. China has a long tradition of silk production and most silks come from there. This means that silk bathrobes and kimonos are particularly common in China and other parts of Asia.

Wool is a natural material made from animal hair fibres. Merino wool comes from sheep, cashmere comes from goats, while angora wool comes from rabbits; it is also common to find wool made from alpaca and lama hair. Wool bathrobes are of made of various wool blends.

Viscose and lyocell are two textiles made from cellulose from trees, often spruce. It is a soft, flexible material, which is often used for bathrobes, but which can unfortunately have a high environmental impact because strong chemicals are used during production that are harmful when released into the natural environment. Lyocell is generally considered as having a lower environmental impact than viscose.

Since a bathrobe is a garment you will use frequently and for a long time, it is important to choose a bathrobe in shades you really like, rather than trendy, modern colours that you risk getting bored of.

Bathrobes for kids and teens: Both small kids and older teenagers love to snuggle up at home with a lovely bathrobe. Since kids and teens grow out of things quickly, you will need to buy a slightly larger size so that it will last longer.

Dressing gowns and bathrobes are available at all price levels. It is normally the quality of the bathrobe that determines its price. A more luxurious, high-quality bathrobe made from natural materials, available in a classic design are normally more expensive than simpler, mass-produced bathrobes made from synthetic materials.

When choosing luxury bathrobes, go for the longest staple possible. The longer the cotton staple, the more absorbent and soft the robe will be. Long staple cotton is also more durable, smooth, and resistant to wrinkles and fraying than short staple cotton is.

Be diligent and stick to buying a 100% cotton robe in the right size. When looking at different robes, check to see if exact measurements are available. Then measure your bust, waist, and hips to make sure the bathrobe will fit.

Fading can happen due to chemical reactions that occur in the drying process. Humidity and temperature can also affect dye. Sunlight also causes fading because the UV rays break down the dye in the cotton.

If you live in the north, you know that sooner or later, winter is coming. Prepare for plummeting temperatures with this bathrobe! Crafted from 100% Turkish cotton, this piece arrives with pockets and a belt, offering some much-needed convenience to your lazy Sunday routine. Showcasing a white hue, it reaches a mid-calf length, and as an added bonus, it can be washed in the machine, making upkeep quick and easy.

Make your nightly routine that much cozier with this bathrobe! Crafted from cotton, this design hits the mid-calf, featuring a belt closure, pockets, and an initial of your choosing to add a personalized touch. A hanger loop in the back makes it easy to keep this item at the ready for when you step out of the shower or just want to lounge. To clean it, simply machine washes it and then tumble dry.

Arsuite produces pure terry cotton bathrobes for women of all sizes. Our long towel bathrobes provide comfort and luxury with extra absorbent and soft material. Get this bathrobe now to have a relaxing experience after every bath. 041b061a72


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