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[S4E4] Micropenis PORTABLE

Matt: It's because of my micropenis.Jess: No! I looked it up and I-I actually feel like I could make that work. Um... No, it's... Don't take this the wrong way, but... It's actually your personality and everything about you.Matt: You think I'm a douche bag.Jess: You said that you thought street art was the closest thing to an education homeless people would ever get.Matt: Okay.Jess: And I when I asked you, "is that a joke?" You said...Matt: Your mom is a joke.Jess: Yeah. You said, "your mom is a joke." Right? That's kind of a douchey response.Matt: I'm really sorry. I mean, I've been made fun of my entire life... in school, in locker rooms... so, yeah, I can be a douche bag sometimes. But I'm this way... because of my micropenis. Later.

[S4E4] Micropenis



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