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Robz Realism Mod //FREE\\ Download

Alternatively you can download RobZ Realism mod through MoW Portal.ruREAD FIRST: Load and apply RobZ Realism of the latest version before loading this addon. Encounter crash? Go into safe mode (no mods), disable all mods, then re-apply with correct procedureCurrent version of the addon is v.2t beta. Delete and don't use any previous version.

robz realism mod download

Emergence is an addon that revamps a good number of things in RobZ Realism mod for the sake of more authenticity, more variety, historical/roleplaying immersion, more squads and breed for multiplayer and editor, revamped soldier breeds, new voices, new localization/unit terms based on the faction's native language, new skins (Credits to Mandingo for the amazing skins), as well as a new faction for multiplayer which is the Free French (1944-1945) and USMC (1942-1945)IMPORTANT NOTE: This addon is meant more for historical/roleplaying immersion that has more emphasis on asymmetrical balance while all factions are ensured to still be playable. The balance between factions of this addon is wildly different compared to vanilla RobZ Realism, so you might need to re-adjust your playstyle. Once again, this is not a "super realism" addon and multiplayer balance is NOT the main focus. Refrain from using Guns for RobZ Realism addon as this mod already combines it as well as any sound mod as they overwrite important firearms attributes. Cover mod/FFADC by Warrior250 already built in.For more details, this addon for RobZ Realism adds:- New faction: Free French (1944-1945) and U.S.M.C (1942-1945) for Allies. Soviet Union is renamed to "Red Army". Soviet Guards is renamed to "Guards Units". Ostfront Veteranen is renamed to "Ostfront Jagdbataillon", USA renamed to "U.S. Army".- Revamped squads, vehicles, MP prices, loadouts, and many things for historical and roleplaying immersion. New squads and soldiers are also present.- Complete revamp of Soviet Guards and Ostfront Veteranen, they are now a lot different from Vanilla RobZ version. You need the Ostfront Veteranen DLC if you want to play as Ostfront, but you don't need the DLC for multiplayer AI to be able to play it.- New additions to all factions. Many things differ from Vanilla RobZ so check them all out- Better AI multiplayer bots support for all factions (Free French and USMC included). You need Airborne DLC owned if you want to be able to play with AI bots.- New localization. Soldier terms are now based on their faction's native language. Ex: a Russian Guards rifleman is no longer "Guards rifleman" but "Gvardiya", etc as well as numerous grammatical fixes from previous localization.- Improved supply zones/trucks/boxes: Supply trucks now regenerate supply over time and soldiers get more ammo from them. US and UK supply are interchangeable, so you can now get .303 Enfield clips from the US supply and .30 Garand clips from British supply, and vice versa. Russian supply trucks can fill up 9mm ammo, Germans with 7.62x25 Tokarev, and vice versa. Of course you still wouldn't find StG44 magazines or ammo in anything else but German supply of course due to their rarity or exclusiveness, for example.- Improved ammo integrity/commonality between firearms. If a weapon shares the same caliber, then it may use most magazines/ammo that share the caliber instead of being stuck of having to use its own magazines. Ex: An MP40 may use Sten magazines because both use 9mm, a PPS-43 may use PPSh magazines due to both using 7.62x25mm Tokarev, M1903 Springfield may use loose .30 cal belts and Garand clips, etc- Re-added SP unit buys for non 1944-1945 setting along with new addtions such as Italian infantry for Wehrmacht before 1944, etc- Altered soldier breeds. Now soldiers are proficient with rifles and SMGs equally no matter their class. But MG skills remain unchanged. Ex: previously a Grenadier has 4 skill with rifle and 2 skill with SMG and MG for example. Now they have 4 skill with both rifles and SMGs, but 3 skill with MG. The MG and MG asst. will still have better MG skills. Either way, scavenging is more rewarding now.- All elite infantry that are level 6 or above now have level 4 tankgun skill (US airborne which is level 5 has tankgun skill too. But not any other level 5 squads). This is to reflect the fact that there were airborne anti-tank crew too historically.- Health points and running speed returned to the state before RobZ Realism 1.26.3 patch. Compared to post-1.26.3 RobZ patch, this addon has infantry running faster and elites not being able to survive as many bullets. Bear in mind, WW2 soldier has much lighter load compared to a modern US soldier and so they are more maneuverable. Thus faster-paced infantry gameplay- More flexible and tactical infantry with animations and bone imported from CtA (thanks to XxWarrior250xX for advice)- Extended soldier inventory. Yes, it is actually possible to horde 1000 rounds on an individual. Rucksacks, packs, pockets, pouches, etc exist.- Improved ammo carrying capacity. Now soldiers can carry twice more ammunition than previously. So an MP40 magazine which takes 2 blocks of inventory can have 64 rounds of 9mm instead of just 32. Of course firearms still have unaltered ammo capacity, so the MP40 still holds 32 rounds in its magazine and MP40 schutzen still carry 192 rounds with them. Just that soldiers now may put more ammo in their inventory and still have spaces left for anything else now. Weight of them remain unchanged.- New soundtracks imported from Company of Heroes franchise and Left Alive.- Added HD firearms texture by Mandingo along with some of his other sweet skins- New weapons: Mauser C96, Beretta MAB-38, Carcano, Breda 30, Lee-Enfield Mk. 4, etc- New voices- Rifle grenades have been gotten rid off from squads that are under level 6 in weapon skills for MP balance- Infantry small arms corrected to have slightly more historical values, including renaming weapons. Ex: Colt 45 renamed to "Colt M1911A1", Mosin renamed to "Mosin-Nagant 1891/30", M3 Grease Gun fixed from 32 round to 30 round magazine, M1 Garand has faster reload due to en-bloc clips, revolvers have slower reload, 7.62x25mm Tokarev has slightly more damage than 9mm due to the bullet design, Type 97 and 99 sniper rifles reload faster than other sniper rifles due to be able using stripper clips, etc many more minor details.- Other changes or stuff too many to listUPDATE: Japanese missions (except for DLC ones) have been updated and may be played with improved experience! This addon no longer receives any update in term of multiplayer balancing nor new units, nor any new faction. Focus is shifted toward single player mission updates.Credits to RobZ for his awesome mod, Mandingo and MadIvan18 for the great skins, GSM mod for the additional content, Asureka for vehicle skin, Warrior250 for the new cover animation, and many others for inspiration and assets, VanRaygo and Terminator for texturesIf you have played the addon, feel free to vote for favorite faction for fun: Strawpoll.meThis addon is meant to double as a baseline for SP/Co-oP scenarios or missions as well. Originally this was meant for SP, but it ended up being more for MP. But if you want to make missions or scenarios using this addon as a base, then feel free to do so.Want to use Emergence with other RobZ addons or missions? Be sure to load Emergence in the last order to avoid crash and ensure its changes!P.S: None of the models/assets in the addon are mine. If you own any content in the addon and want any of your content included here to be removed, I won't mind removing them.Feel free to report any bug or suggestion in the comments.

How to download : Download the Ostfront 1941/42 .zip file , open it , extract the content in your MOWAS 2 mod file (location is steam>steamapps>common>Men of War Assault squad 2>mods) . When it extracts open the main game, go into options and enable the mod . NOTE THAT FOR THE MISSIONS TO WORK YOU ALSO HAVE TO Robz Realism Mod ENABLED !!!


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