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Where To Buy Soccer Referee Equipment ((INSTALL))

At, we are the premier provider of soccer referee gear, including top-quality soccer referee uniforms. Show up prepared for each soccer match from head to toe with these approved uniforms.

where to buy soccer referee equipment

Soccer officials have one of the hardest jobs on the soccer field by judging every play in an instant. Referee's soccer gear helps them to alert the other refs, players and coaches. There are many items that referees use during the game and we have them all.

Data wallets, write on red and yellow cards, as well as standard red and yellow cards are also a necessity for a center ref. Some of the other top items are referee watches and the vanishing spray which broke on the world soccer scene in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasil.

Assistant referees get the coolest piece of referee equipment, the flag. Linesmen's Flags come in red, yellow, checkerboard, diamond pattern or the 4 square design used by top leagues around the world. The swivel flag helps to produce the loudest sound when making a call to alert the head referee of the infraction.

All the official soccer referee gear, equipment and accessories that is necessary for a first time referee can be found in our starter package which includes. 1 Referee Jersey, 1 Referee Short, 1 Referee 3 Stripe Sock, Red and Yellow Cards, Data Wallet, Game Pads, Whistle, Lanyard, Flags and Adhesive Velcro patch.

With soccer referee gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you'll have professional quality equipment for all your officiating needs. From loud soccer referee whistles that can be heard from all corners of the field, to soccer referee jerseys made from performance fabric, you'll find the right items to help you call a clean and fair match.

The Professional Referee Organization (PRO) is responsible for managing referee programs for the professional soccer leagues in the United States and Canada. Its mission is to provide world class match officials for all professional soccer in North America. PRO assigns games played in MLS, NWSL, USL, and NPSL.

Now that you've passed the test, bought your uniform and all the equipment, you'll need to talk to a licensed USSF assignor who will schedule your games. Not sure who your local assignor is - not to worry. Your training class instructor will give you the name and telephone number of the referee assignors in your area. Once you become a referee, you can always ask current licensed referees for help in contacting licensed referee assignors in your area.

Kwik Goal is also an official Technical Partner of USSF. Kwik Goal is perhaps better known as a manufacturer of soccer goals, corner flags, and benches, but they also sell a line of referee gear that is perfectly acceptable.

Welcome to the U.S. Soccer Referee Community and in particular the Washington State Referee Community. You have been through the entry level class, completed all the requirements and have your badge. Now what? The class you took taught you a lot about the Laws of the Game and the mechanics of refereeing, but there are still probably many questions you might have about being a referee. Based on feedback from thousands of new referees just like you and with the help of more experienced referees who have been where you are now, this information has been put together as a source of helpful tips and advice. All referees, including those who have done World Cup Games, have started just like you and have learned these lessons the hard way. The advice found here will get you off to the best possible start. Remember to have fun!

This is the equipment for the referees but not for the games. The blue one is for presentations in the differents fields and the yellow one is for the trainer. We use the USSF uniforms and Adidas too for the games.

Murray Sporting Goods Official USSF Pro-Style Short Sleeve Soccer Referee Jersey is perfect for any soccer official or linesman! Our new USSF pro-style soccer jersey was designed to be lightweight and breathable to make sure you stay cool, dry and comfortable throughout the match. Look and feel professional this soccer season with our USSF pro soccer referee jersey.

Murray Sporting Goods is an online sporting goods store based in Murray, Kentucky. We provide quality sports gear, equipment and apparel developed for athletes, coaches, referees and athletic directors. Shop our extensive assortment of sporting goods gear.

Starting a career as a soccer referee can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to the necessary equipment. From the whistle to the flags, it can be hard to know where to begin. In this guide, we'll break down...

A high-quality soccer referee jersey makes a professional impression in your matches. We are excited to announce new ProReferee Soccer Referee Jerseys designed for your comfort and maximum performance!

I have been asked several times when other referees see my kit and I'm getting ready for a match: "what is that blue card for?" In the world of outdoor soccer, blue is a pretty strange color to associate...

ProReferee is a global e-commerce destination for semi-professional soccer referees to improve their expertise through the supply of high-quality merchandise, interactive training modules, and connections throughout the referee community.

FIELD TRAINING SESSION You need to bring your own whistle, referee flag, and flipping coin to the field session. We try not to share referee equipment during the pandemic.Dress for the weather and for mild activity on the field. You will be outside on the field for 4 hours.You should receive your referee badge at the end of the field training session.REFEREE EQUIPMENTYou can search the internet for soccer referee uniforms or equipment. You should find many alternative brands and vendors. You can also procure your referee kit at a soccer store. Official Sports is the brand that sponsors and is affiliated with the US Soccer referee program. However, Capelli or any brand should be acceptable. Be careful to procure the current referee shirt and socks styles. You will see these as you complete the Grassroots Referee Course, and are shown under resources at the US Soccer Learning Center.

We recommend that you procure a complete referee uniform/equipment kit, which includes a referee shirt (yellow is the primary color), referee shorts, referee socks, referee flags, whistle, yellow and red cards, etc. The kit will provide the best value and all of your referee equipment.

You can search the internet for soccer referee uniform or equipment. You should find many alternative brands and vendors. You can also procure your referee kit at a soccer store. Generally, retail stores are more expensive. Official Sports is the brand that sponsors and is affiliated with US Soccer. However, any brand should acceptable. Be careful to procure the current referee shirt and socks styles. You will see these during the Grassroots Referee Course and should be a resource at the US Soccer Learning Center.

Based out of New York City, Capelli Sport was founded in 2011 with the mission to provide quality, functionality and design for high-level performance on the field. Capelli Sport now operates around the globe, distributing world-class training gear, apparel and equipment and partnering with elite soccer clubs and organizations. Learn more at and find Capelli Sport on Twitter (@capellisport) and Instagram (CapelliSport), or visit the Capelli Sport Facebook page.

BASA is committed to providing the highest quality soccer program in the area. Part of that commitment centers around providing quality referees. BASA strives to provide certified center referees for all of our U8 and above games, and certified assistant referees for all of the U10 and above games.

Pick up game cards in the referee room at Wildhorse Park. Return game cards to the concession stand. Pay will be issued through Arbiter Pay. Contact referee assignor at if you need help setting up your Arbiter Pay account.

This course is only for US Soccer referee registration. It is not high school, college, futsal, or indoor soccer. These organizations have different rules and administrative procedures. Contact the local referee organization, league or facility concerning requirements for these games.

Other equipment: In addition to the referee gear described above, you will need a set of 2 assistant referee flags, a card set (red and yellow card) with game record, a writing utensil, and a tossing coin (an ordinary quarter will do).

The equipment listed in this guideline can be purchased at local soccer equipment stores, or online. In addition, uniforms and supplies will be sold by the State Referee Committee at official training events the discounted price.

USSF answer (July 18, 2011):We are unaware of any precise measurements for referee jerseys. A review of the Referee Administrative Handbook informs us that the wearer must always look professional and that the jerseys themselves may be of the short-sleeve or long-sleeve variety. The equipment worn by officials in the MLS is supplied by sponsors of the League and falls outside the requirements for other refereeing officials.

2. Official Sports International (OSI) is the official supplier of referee uniforms to U. S. Soccer and the longest-standing sponsor of the referee program. We encourage all referees to buy uniforms and equipment from them as much as possible. From the pictures on the website, it appears that the referees wore only OSI uniforms for the preliminary and semifinal games. 041b061a72


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