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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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To the rear, the flanking Waveriders were fighting off an assault by Infantry Titans on a nearby hill, their long-range weapons were frying infantry squads with wild abandon. In the cities artillery was in action, pounding the enemy's innermost defences. Poisoned gas drops and aerosol fire were a constant reminder of the fine, almost Human precision of the Tyranids air offensive. The priority was to gain the high ground and hold it. The Vanguard Strike Cruiser Scimitar was the first to engage an enemy stronghold of major size, leaving a trail of charred wreckage and thousands of dead as it went, its bow-mounted Lasers scoring devastating hits. The final and most powerful weapon was being unleashed on the defending force. The Dark Angels, skilled in the use of the Tetrarch hypersonic catapults, started to launch Titans at the target. The long-range weapons were un-manned, the crews being on standby, just in case they were needed later. In particular, the Lunokhods were to be deployed in the very next fly-by. The arrival of the 24 Cult Mechanicum'Space Marine Titans was a thunderous surprise. Trapped against the high ground by the war machines, the tanks and infantry commanders had been nervously awaiting a second wave of enemy attack. To their amazement, they were greeted by a pair of Space Marine Strike Cruisers, who immediately engaged the infantry and destroyed the rear defensive units. Their next move was to provide cover for the Dark Angels, who disembarked. A second company of Astartes marines followed, supported by a second wave of air strike on the second hill-top. The first two Space Marine Tetrarchs approached the hostiles with their proton-blaster retros and nuclear pulse cannons. Their Ultramarine brothers followed with flame-spitting engines roaring, their ubiquitous boltguns primed for fire. The enemy aerial bombardment was now back to a continuous rain of laser fire as the large number of enemy craft made aiming difficult. The first Titan was destroyed. The second flew off the field. The survivors of the second wave were unloading their weapons and the crews were linking up with the Dark Angels. The combat was spreading across the field as the enemy were trapped on more than one hill. The Hive Mind had placed its eggs in more than one nest.

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