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Where To Buy Boys Suspenders

We recommend measuring the child to ensure a proper fit before purchase, especially for older children. Do so using a flexible tape measure and measure from the front of the pants waistband, up over the shoulder, and down to the back of the pants waistband. These suspenders fit lengths between 20- and 28-inches (unstretched). For longer lengths, see our men's amethyst purple suspenders.

where to buy boys suspenders

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Yellow children's suspenders with elastic bands in comfortable stretch. With two clip-on buckles at the front and one at the back, they hold the braces firmly in place on the trousers. The length is adjustable and fits children between 2-13 years or 70 - 160 cm in length. Made of durable polyester. Width: 2.5 cm. Two-year warranty.

Large selection of kids braces in many different colors and patterns. The braces are suitable for children aged 2-13 years, which corresponds to about 70 -160 cm in length. Our braces for children are made of elastic fabric with details in PU leather. They are adjustable in length and have strong metal clip-on buckles that are easy to attach to the trousers. Buy suspenders for kids online with fast delivery from us. Welcome! 041b061a72


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