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Voicemeeter Banana Surround Sound [BETTER]

Thank you for installing HeSuVi! The basic setup is now done and you should already hear a clear difference. Move the master volume slider and test if the loudness of sounds actually changes for you. If this is not working, then there is probably some kind of driver incompatability, check out Troubleshooting for help. Should the volume slider work, you might now want to follow the next steps for the best surround experience.

Voicemeeter Banana Surround Sound

If you have 7.1 Surround in the speaker configuration (5.1 Surround should also be enough), then you are done here. For additional information about the settings of HeSuVi see Usage of the Graphical User Interface.However, if you can't setup surround, then your sound card won't support it. Practically all music, online videos and even many games are only in stereo so you'll get full benefits of HeSuVi with these. There is even an option to upmix stereo to 7.1 surround in the Additional tab. If you want to have full 7.1 surround sound experience without having a sound card which supports it, go read the next section(s) below for different workarounds.

Equalizer APO's best features include an unlimited number of filters, multi-channel use, support for 3D surround sound, and very low CPU usage. You can also create multiple profiles (perhaps for your external speakers and your headphones) and hop between them in a flash.

Firstly, let's look at the equalizer. It comes with 10 bands that go from 110Hz to 15KHz. There are also customizable sliders for fidelity (to reduce the muffled sound in compressed audio), ambiance (to add extra stereo depth), surround sound, dynamic boost (to increase the loudness by increasing the dynamic range), and bass boost. The preset profiles include Rap, Alternative Rock, Dialog Boost, Country, Techno, and countless more.

Real-time processing excels when you're listening to the audio on the web. Internet audio is only 16-bit, but FXSound uses a 32-bit processor. The processor automatically adjusts the fidelity, ambiance, and surround sound of the audio, then re-dithers it into 16-bit. This allows the app to improve significantly on the theoretical limits of the web's 16-bit output.

The software is primarily designed for people who listen to their computer audio through headphones. It can convert all your audio output into 3D surround sound without any additional hardware or boosters.

Never hear of Voicemeeter banana? Or know it only as the mixing program? But it definitely can fulfill far more needs than that. And the setup is easy enough for a beginner. Simply mess around with only two settings, fader gain, and audibility, then you will get as less typing sound as possible.


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